Back On The Radar

Back on the RadarAfter months of reorganizing and physically moving my office and home, I am finally back on the radar. I have been doing some work for my friend Preston and the site is beginning to take shape. That said, I will be optimizing the site using the latest SEO techniques to get him some help with getting his message out.

I can honestly say that if you are in need of a commercial painting contractor Chief Coatings is the best around.

This is just a short post to let the owner know I am still around and back on the radar.

Construction seems to be picking up again albeit residential so commercial businesses should be following suit if no new regulations get in the way.

On to more important things like the brand, color and thickness of the paint you select make all the difference when the job is finished. You may think everyone knows that but you would be surprised how many purchasing agents think they can reduce the costs by buying cheap paint.

I have been told by the experts in the industry that the real costs is in the preparation and that the finish is not the place to cut. I am sure you could get in touch with Preston about your coating questions and have the expert opinion you need to get started. Just drop him a email, tweet or look him up on Facebook for a more direct communication. Of course you could always use the newsletter to stay up on the latest information and trends about tips and tricks when preparing your requirements for the next paint or wall covering  job.

EstimatesIf that doesn’t get you going then use the contact form and ask him for a complete estimate! He will be happy to accommodate you. You may be surprised at how detailed he is about your project.

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